Saturday, April 29, 2017

Circumnavigating Sikome

I'll try not to gush too much.  It was just one of those lovely days for a bunch of reasons. In fact I'm so excited I forgot I'd published this morning. You may have missed a new series of abstracts.

Once upon a time when I was a kid, maybe 14 or so, I was out for a bike ride around town. I chanced to to meet up some other kids, one of whom I knew, and we rode around and had fun all afternoon, with nothing planned.

Today we didn't want to run. My hams are cranky, and BRBE's calves are not happy. But it's been crappy weather for a while, and today was lovely out this morning. We badly wanted to be outside, and landed on a bike ride in Fish Creek, not using our fancy road bikes.

Well holy doodle! I haven't had so much fun on a bike in ages. We've often run in the west part of the park and know many of the trails, so we noodled along. We explored a bit in Votier's Flats, then decided we could make it to Sikome Lake, such as it is. It turned out to be 34.5 K round trip over 2.5 hr or so, stopping lots of times to enjoy the scenery.

We didn't zoom but rode along enjoying a beautiful day, dodging a tonne of other people on the path. Some of them seem to have forgotten that many people move on the path, so if you're going to stop and chat or just admire the view, get off the path. Fortunately my squeaky shark noisemaker still works.

I had to laugh at one point, I was a bit behind Michelle, just out of sight around a corner. A guy coming towards us, turned his head and just about rode off the path scoping out her butt, then turned to look forward, with me looking right at him. Busted! He looked so guilty.

Yes, we waved as we went past Terry's place. One guy said hello to me as if he knew me, but I didn't get a good look. There was a guy on those ski-roller thingies, lots of people on bikes, a few on roller blades, some skateboards, plus lots of walkers and runners. Once I nearly rode off the path trying to see what kind of camera and lens a birder was using. A few times I wished I'd brought my camera, but then we never would have made to Sikome. It's nice to see so many people out enjoying the nice weather. Everybody is desperate for spring, and this is as good as it been for several weeks.

Contrary to the map below, Sikome is some damp sand just now. Later they'll charge admission to get in, but you couldn't pay me to go in the water. Every child in the water uses it as a toilet, and probably some the adults do too. Supposedly they have water treatment of the lake. Supposedly.

Along the way we saw scenery like this, though not exactly as represented.

Friday, April 28, 2017

A new series of abstracts

I've missed being alone with my camera, outside in the fresh air. What with one reason or another I haven't been able to get out much this month. Today it was going to happen rain or shine, and what do you know? It turned out nice by recent standards, meaning no snow. The light by photographic standards was nothing to write home about, but I did get some nice shots.

What has me all excited is finding a new way to create abstracts. This is fun! Here's a couple of them, let me know what you think!

This was all after a so-so swim. I've been feeling weak and feeble in the water, though my times are only a little slower than usual. This morning I was in the hot tub first for a long time. Normally I get straight into the pool, but it was really busy and I wasn't in a rush. Back into the hot tub after the swim of course. Water ran a little.

There was a bad moment going into the Farmer's Market. I was a bit early, and had my mind on coffee. (Duh!) Nobody was in Analog and for a bad moment I thought they had closed. But no, just running a little late to open, or I was earlier than I thought.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The long kiss goodbye

The lips are waving. Linda had a huge giant milestone in her working life. After 35 and a bit years, she pulled the plug (insert any number of cliches here) and handed in her retirement notice. June 9 is her last working day at the City. She will be on "vacation" for a while after that, then the retirement gig starts.

It's amazing to me, and lots of other people that someone has been with the same employer that long, but there are people at the City with more service time than that. I'd have to stop and think how many employers I've had in that time. More than a dozen in oil and gas alone, and there were several jobs before that.

Even with all the thought and planning (and teeth gritting endurance) that's gone into it, the reality hasn't sunk in yet. Changing a routine is hard sometimes, and this is a long habit. She is looking forward to spending lots of time in the garden this summer. I don't think she's going to miss work in the slightest.

My current contract will end about then, though the timing is less certain. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time on photography this summer. Maybe more of these abstracts.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Unexpectedly art

This is exactly what it looks like.

I didn't even have to do all that much.

Here, this will help orient you.

Yes it snowed today. That's all I want to say about it.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another great excavation!

The paperwork breeds in an incestuous way, you know. Maybe you don't, but I doubt it. All my readers are adults, or ought to be, and we all know this stuff. Leave it alone and it grows and grows. The dust bunnies start moving in. Then it starts getting out of hand. Any time I want to gross anyone out I just have to tell them about the mouse condo in some files at a gas processing plant I once visited.

My desk had reached the dust bunny point. I couldn't find stuff anymore. Like bills that needed to be paid soon. The coffee table right behind me was stacked up with stuff as well. I decided today was the day.

Paid the bills and started shuffling and filing and shredding and washing. Books entered into the database and stamped so we know they have been done. There is an enormous mound of paper behind the books and that paper bag. Some time later here we are.

It's a desk again! On the coffee table, down at the bottom layers of the paper, I found a pay stub from 2009, and other paperwork of a similar vintage. So far it's been filed in a drawer, but I really must develop a master data strategy regarding paperwork retention. Within arms reach, and don't ask me why, I have tax paperwork dating back to 2000. (Sighs deeply and hangs head.)

One of my buddies asked if I was wearing a pith helmet for this. No, but once I got into it I was almost regretting the lack of respirator or dust mask.

The observant of you will have noticed the kettle print has moved from the desk to under the glass of the coffee table. No, there's a framed version of that about to get hung on the wall. This is a print they did to check their settings and found an issue. A pretty minor one, I could barely see it after they pointed it out. You probably won't notice it even if I did point it out. None the less, I wouldn't feel right about actually selling it. I'm open to other suggestions.

Some other photos, just because.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The ones really in charge

I mean, just look at his expression. Doesn't that tell you everything about the way things should be done? And right now.

I was busy doing something else, and suddenly had that watched feeling. She had been asleep. I'd like to think she wasn't wondering if was time to bring me down and feed on my liver. After all, we've been feeding them lots lately. They've been shedding their winter coats and growing in new fur.

Me and BRBE were out to Ralph Klein Park for our run today. I wish I had brought my camera. There's great views of the mountains, and there is a ton of birds. We stopped running for a minute to watch a hawk, and try to figure out what the other big bird was. Might have been an owl but it didn't move so we weren't sure.

That little tail off to the bottom right is the beginning of a canal leading down to the Bow River. I'd like to go back and try that sometime. I am not sure the road around the wetlands was open. Up near the 2 K mark there was a locked gate on the road. I'd hate to take the long way around and find that gate. Still, it was a good run, my legs were feeling happy for most of it.

Curtis just now is trying to tell me it's time to give him more crunchies. He's very clear. The second thing he says is "stupidest humans ever." It's very difficult to type. Very

Friday, April 21, 2017

First blooms!

A little Johnny Jump Up is the first bloom this year! Lots of other plants are pushing up out of the ground.

The Hens and Chicks are doing well too.

In between photos I was on the bike, on the trainer. They were only sweeping our streets today, so I guess it's time for me to put the road tire back on. 45 minutes mostly easy spin feeling pretty good.

The next wine is a Spanish Milagro. It's been fermenting and today got racked to the carboy.

Is this an abstract or a kids crayon drawing?


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