Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Keith, Hydraulic Engineer wannabe

Here I am, preparing the course for the dragon boat races scheduled for tomorrow.

Yes, it's really T shirt weather outside.

My neighbour Jeff and I have learned from bitter experience that we don't give the water a place to go, it will pool on the sidewalks and not go anywhere. This is bad because it will freeze overnight.

Oh, and sunset last night was ok. Nothing special.

This is an old photo, but Curtis and Celina are always special.

Monday, January 16, 2017

You get to choose!

This is how much snow we have now. I'm going to take this same photo every morning for the next week or so, and see how it changes day by day.

This is really one photo, edited slightly different ways. It was on Neil Zeller's workshop page and was the subject of some great discussion. I'm curious, which do you prefer, and why? You might wish to open each in a larger window. Vote in comments, or respond to the Facebook post or the tweet.

This is the second version of it, after a bit of tweaking.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Fact 1: We've had lots of snow over the last several weeks.
Fact 2: It's been consistently very cold until yesterday, and today is well above zero in brilliant sunshine.
Fact 3: The roof of our house is a metal shingle system that looks black but is actually called Charcoal.
Fact 4: Then this happens.

This is a small roof avalanche, and I was fortunate enough to catch it. Sometimes the entire roof clears at once and it sounds like a train going by, complete with noise and vibration. The first time it happened the cats just about wet themselves, wondering what was going on. 

There is one spot where it can fall onto our front patio, which is not the best thing. It turns to cement as soon as it lands, and gets worse if left. Good thing we don't get a lot of visitors.

The sunrise was amazing today, with all sorts of reds and purples and dark blue backgrounds. These photos are not particularly dressed up to push the colours; this is really the way it looked.

We've been happily binging on Fringe, generally watching 3 episodes an evening. I think we've got a couple left in Season 1, and I completely expect it to end on a big cliffhanger. We happened to see seasons 2 and 3 in a used books store and picked them up. No waiting to see what happens!

The Adobe Portfolio thing is still in progress. When complete I'll put a link here.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two cats and a flower

Going through my oldest photos, checking for keywords and star ratings, sometimes wondering what I was thinking.

Actually, there's times the last few days I'm wondering what I'm thinking now. The novel has some ideas percolating, and words are being pounded into the laptop. The fitness stuff is going pretty good, but I'm just not quite in the groove. Normally I get settled in on a train of thought, but lately just as the train is about to leave the station another one sends it down a side track, and prepares to depart. Then another train...

For a while I was looking at the Adobe Portfolio project and wondered why I was doing it, if I knew that wasn't the permanent home. Still, I'm learning, and the photos below are some of the old ones I found and revisited.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Preparing for the heat wave

One needs to pay attention to the weather here. It's been in the deep freeze for weeks, and there's a ton of snow for Calgary. Here I am, digging my way to the BBQ. It's going to be warm enough to turn it on somewhere in the next few days, and by golly, I'm going to. I think there will be chicken burgers.

Access is clear. Ready for ignition.

There was a full moon the other day, and I tried again to capture it. Although it looked clear to my eyes, there seemed to be some light cloud that was messing things up. Sigh. The only reason I include it is that I liked the tree or bush branches supporting it. Look carefully.

While I'm in a moony mood, here's one from the day before.

Lastly, I wonder what Curtis is really thinking.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Found another

The work of building a place (Adobe Portfolio) for  you to see my best images continues. Along the way I'm discovering all sorts of things, such as images that look almost good and just need some tweaking I didn't know how to do then, images that I'd lost altogether, and images with bizarre keywords or star ratings. Some of those last I think I must have had a set selected rather than an individual photo. I can see that I'm going to have to go back much more thoroughly.

This photo, for example. Appropriate in another way, since it's happening noticeably later and later every day now.

I'm not sure if it's been on the blog or not, and I'm not gonna go back and look. Why? Because I spent a big chunk of the afternoon looking through 12K images for it. I hadn't starred it, hadn't keyworded it, and had no idea when I'd shot it. All I knew was that I'd been on the Anderson pedestrian bridge, so it had to be after the photos of it being installed. Except I couldn't find them either, and I couldn't remember when that had been. Sigh.

Plus, including it in the portfolio isn't a slam dunk. There are lots of spectacular sunrise or sunset shots to consider. I wanted them all on the same page so I could consider them. Which leads me to collections. I finally found a good reason to use a collection. It's a default one called Quick Collections. As you scroll through your photos in library mode, there is a small circle in the upper right corner. Clicking that adds the photo to the Quick Collection. Click a bunch, then go look at the collection for whatever reason. In my case it's to choose between them and select the best. If you click the circle again, it gets removed from the Quick Collection. As I go through and add each to the portfolio I remove it from the Collection. Pretty slick!

This one I know you haven't seen. I found it as well, no stars or keywords, and a poor job of editing in Lightroom. I finished that up properly so I could include it in the portfolio.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Still cold, but warm soon, they say

Environment Canada likes to play a cruel trick on Canadians sometimes. We'll be into a deep freeze, and suddenly a warm temperature will appear on the forecast. Then it stays out there, always a week out. There's a Rick Mercer video about that. Here's Calgary's, today.

In other places, like Edmonton, or anywhere in Saskatchewan, temperatures are a faint dream to keep you going. Best believe it here. Chinooks are a thing, big time. We're going to need to break out the watercraft over the weekend. Everybody wants it to warm up, but 14 C (nearly room temperature) is going a little overboard. The BBQ's and patios will be going full blast. Wait and see.

Meanwhile, it's still frigging cold out there. Sunny but cold. There is a full moon rising this afternoon, and I'm wondering where I can go to look NE and get a nice photo of it, that isn't too far away from the house, and doesn't involve standing in the wind waiting.

To cheer you up, I went back into my archives, such as they are, to pull out a nice flower photo to help warm you up.


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